Northeast Florida Great 100 Nurses Recognition of Professional Excellence, Education, and Care!

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The Lamplighter and Nightingale Societies are open to all former Great 100 recipients. Begun as a way for former Great 100 honorees to stay up-to-date with the Great 100 Nurses of Northeast Florida, Inc. it is also a way the Great 100 Nurses of Northeast Florida can give a little something back to those who have done so much for our profession.

As a Nightingale member, you are eligible for Board membership, Board Executive Committee membership, participation on organization committees, and committee chair positions. You will be recognized in the program at the 2019 celebration event, and will receive a discount on your ticket to the 2019 Celebration event. Biennial dues are $100.

Lamplighter members are eligible for participation on organization committees. You will also be recognized in the 2019 program at the Celebration event. Biennial dues are $50.